1-800-Flowers for the Roses. EnChroma for the Red.

EnChroma glasses help people with red/green color blindness see the full spectrum of color. So this Valentine’s Day, you can share the true beauty of red roses with someone you love.

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Through February 14, 2016.

EnChroma on the Today Show

EnChroma on the Today Show

Watch people with color blindness try EnChroma for the first time on the Today Show! We were excited to be a part of this production and thank everyone who came to our office to try the glasses.

Test Your Color Vision

EnChroma lenses are effective for 80% of cases of color vision deficiency. Take our online color blindness test to find out if EnChroma will work for you.

EnChroma products are backed by our 30-day guarantee. Read our store policies for details.

Interchangeable Lenses

EnChroma partnered with Frameri to provide you with new style and functionality in eyewear.

Shop our EnChroma Frameri Selection

Shop our EnChroma Frameri Selection.

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Then I put on the glasses. Unbelievable! … It was like a peek into a world I knew existed, but had never been allowed to see.

David Pogue, New York Times

With my Enchroma sunglasses, I can see the three distinct colors of a stoplight for the first time, and red stop signs and lit brake lights jump out with a new urgency.

Kelly Kittell, BoingBoing.net

The EnChroma Story

Photo by Liz Hafalia | The San Francisco Chronicle

EnChroma co-founders at work. Dr. Don McPherson (left) and Andrew Schmeder (right). Photo by Liz Hafalia | The San Francisco Chronicle

Over a period of more than ten years of focused R&D working under an NIH-sponsored small-business innovation research grant, the EnChroma team (led by Dr. Don McPherson, Ph.D) approached the problem of color vision deficiency from a rigorous scientific foundation. We used the latest understandings of the genetic basis of CVD to create a sophisticated computer-based model of human color vision, and then set out to solve the general problem of determining the optimal spectral filter for any given set of conditions.

Using our patent-pending design methods we are able to design complex spectral filters to assist color vision for a wide variety of applications. Our lenses are designed to provide the maximum possible performance while also maintaining consistent and attractive color appearance and meeting necessary safety requirements for general use eyewear.

EnChroma’s mission is to leverage our lens technology platform and understanding of human color vision to create innovative eyewear products that help people see the world better.