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Test your color vision to find out how well EnChroma glasses will work for you.


Up to 300 million people worldwide are affected by red-green color vision deficiency, also called color blindness.

EnChroma invented glasses that boost color vision by spectrally separating light into primary color components before it reaches the eye.

By enhancing the saturation of colors, the lenses can improve speed and accuracy of color recognition and enrich the experience of color in the world. Read more…

EnChroma glasses for the color blind

EnChroma glasses are an optical assistive device only and are not a cure for color blindness. Results may vary depending on the type and extent of color vision deficiency and other individual differences. The glasses are estimated to be effective for 4 out of 5 cases of red-green color vision deficiency–prospective customers are encouraged to take the online color vision test to assess the likelihood of efficacy. The glasses are for personal recreational use only and EnChroma does not encourage nor endorse use of the glasses to pass occupational screening tests such as the Ishihara test. For more information please read the FAQs, learn about the EnChroma technology and story, or contact customer support.